Monday, March 3, 2008

Beach Photo Shoot - 3/2/08

A few more of the photos from our day at the Beach. Pensacola Beach took quite a beating when Hurricane Ivan came roaring in...but after four years, the renourishing of the beach has been completed and it's really beautiful! Not all the roads have been repaired, but they're working on it. I know that I live close to the Beach...but I think that Pensacola Beach is one of the most gorgeous beaches in the state! Just look at the colors of the water....BEAUTIFUL!

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Jane said...

GREAt shot Susan...I can feel the warmth from here!!!

Stacey said...

wow the colors in the pictures are fabulous!!! I love these!!!!

~Ane~ said...

nice shots, but I think the first onw is too bright.

Gabrielle Pollacco said...

Beautiful photos Susan, this just makes me long for summer!!


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