Monday, February 21, 2011

Stylish Blogger Award - for me!!

Today, I am the recipient of the Stylish Blogger Award...actually, I've been presented the award by three different people - Kim , Valarie, and Sylvie!  Be sure to check out their blogs and all their beautiful cards!

I have four things that I have to do:

1.Thank the person/persons that shared this award with me and link it back to their blog/blogs.
2.Share seven things about myself.
3.Pass this award onto seven other bloggers that I have recently discovered.
4.Leave a comment so they can pass along the recognition!

Thanks so much, Kim, Valarie, and Sylvie!! You made my day! (Be sure to visit these three ladies at the links provided above!)

Seven things about myself:

1.  I've been married almost 30 years.
2. We just found out that there'll be another grandchild in the late fall.
3.  I've been scrapbooking since October 2000.
4.  I've only been making cards for a couple of years.
5.  I really struggle with CAS cards
6.  I also knit, crochet, tat, cross-stitch, and make quilts.
7.  I learned to do French hand sewing when my children were small, and made most of their clothes and  even made the patterns for the clothes.

Here's my seven bloggers that I have been following for a little while.  They all create beautiful cards...some CAS and some really layered cards...but all beautiful!


All these ladies are card makers and each one has their own unique style.  I hope you take a moment to take a peek at their blogs and see the beautiful work they do!

Thanks again, Ladies!  Until next time...


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Joan B said...


Wanda Cullen said...

Thanks, Susan! The award means a lot to me and I appreciate your sweet comments on my blog! I will add your name to my previous stylish blogger award post and since I've already listed the 7 things to know about me, I'll forego that part of the award process. I was fascinated to learn we have a lot in common...married a long time...grown kids (no grands for us yet)...struggle w/CAS other crafts (I used to be an avid counted cross-stitcher; I only dabble in crochet and knitting). Our DIL is a financial analyst for IBM in Atlanta, so guess you both crunch numbers or something close to that task - lol! Hugs to you and I'm off to check out your wonderful blog!

Susan Raihala said...

Thanks so much, Susan! It's an honor to receive this award from you, especially as I admire your CAS cards...they may be hard for you, but you sure do them well!

Ali Manning said...

Thanks so much for the award, Susan! It certainly doesn't look like you struggle with CAS cards - they all look beautiful to me.


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