Saturday, December 3, 2011

OLW72 - Only a Sentiment

We're back on at the One Layer Wednesday challenge hosted this week by Susan at Simplicity.  Susan has challenged us this week to:

1) use ONLY a sentiment stamp on your other stamps or embellishments allowed!

2) use a NON-STANDARD size for your card

3) make at least two cards using the same stamp that vary something (color, type of ink, technique, placement of the stamp, size of card)

Well, I've made my cards 4.25 x 4.25 inches, just because I thought my sentiments weren't large enough to fill up a 5 x7 inch card (or look balanced).  The sentiment I chose for this first card is stamped in SU Real Red and is a PTI sentiment. 

Wasn't too crazy about it in the center of the card, so I decided to move it to the bottom right hand corner of the card.  Much better.  Although, if I'm totally honest, I think these cards need something else...a touch of bling, a small holly stamp...anything! don't you think it's better on the bottom corner?  Then just for fun, I decided to try another of the stamps in the PTI set for this next card.  I started it off in the bottom right corner...and I do like this...however, I still think it needs something to jazz it up a bit.

That's it for me today.  It's been a busy day. I finally managed to get the tree up...not decorated...just up in the living room.  Every year when we get it out, I say..."next year we need to get a smaller tree!"  A nine foot tree is difficult to set up and difficult to decorate.  I'm not nearly as comfortable climbing on a ladder as I was a few years ago.  Of course, that might be because my hubby hovers and constantly careful..don't fall!

Thanks for popping by....As always, your comments are welcomed and appreciated!  Until next time...


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snapdragon said...

I love the simplicity- especially in the bottom right corner. They are beautiful!
As for the tree... yeah. Ours this year is downright shrimpy- about 3 feet tall! But- it only needs two strings of lights and I'm pulling out all the small ornaments to use. Should be cute!

Michelle said...

Ooh, I like your versions for OLW! I like the sentiment in the middle of the card as well as in the bottom corner. And I love them in red. :-)

Our tree is about 8" tall, and I use a chair. We spent years working up to this big tree, and we're enjoying it for now. :-) Maybe you need to make it a family occasion and get the kids and grandkids putting the tree up and decorating for you. That way you get to keep the big tree and don't have to get up a ladder. (Now, how to convince them to come over and take it down for you again...)

Daffodil Cards said...

I love them ALL, but do like the sentiment in the corner, fab cards Susan

Marlena M. said...

All your cards are perfect! Center or corner...they have their own appeal. ;)

G Peplow said...

Hi Susan, Well done you followed the brief to the letter LOL Gorgeous results too, they are fabulous!!
We're still clearing up after or leaks but I hope to be in tree mode very soon, have fun and stay safe LOL Gay xxx

Rosemary said...

your cards are just gorgeous, susan!! love the sentiments and the style of font...

Sheila in Cyprus said...

Love the simplicity of these (prefer the sentiment in the corner).
My tree is still in the box, yes its artificial, and is waiting for me to get into the Christmas mode and put it up. It is curretly 21c and much to warm to think of Christmas . . . for a little while anyway.
Love Sheila (Cyprus)

Susan Raihala said...

Susan, these are super fantabulous! LOVE how clean they are. Bravo!!!


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