Friday, March 27, 2009

Check it out!

Last weekend, my daughter and her family came down for the weekend. She had arranged with out friend(and family photographer), Tim Ludvigsen, to have family photos taken out at Pensacola Beach. Of course, I trailed along with my trusty Rebel XTi in hand, hoping to gain a little more practice and lots more advice from Tim! It should come a no surprise to anyone, but Tim's pics are so incredibly awesome...while mine are...ummmm...okay. Take a minute and check out Tim's awesome blog (and he posted some of his pics of my gorgeous grandchildren!) Tim Ludvigsen's Photography And...for your viewing pleasure, here's a few of the photos I snagged.

Katie is just so photogenic! I love that I caught her in midair! Ah....the sweet innocence of this handsome young man! The surf was absolutely gorgeous on Saturday....and the kids REALLY wanted to get in the water! 100% pure handsome, adorable boy! I think my flash wasn't set properly for this shot....I'm working on it!

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Julie Howard said...

I've always loved family portraits done on the beach. They always turn out so beautifully. I think you caught some nice 'action' shots too!

Lynn B said...

That is some stunning work! Really captured some great moments!

*Sue* said...

Honey you do great work!! I did pop over to Tim's blog, you are right he has taken some awesome photos of your Grandchildren.


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