Friday, September 2, 2011

Second Post today....

~Gasp~....two posts in one day!  I've not been sitting around doing nothing.  For some reason, I decided to try my hand at sketching.  These are a few of the sketches I've done in the past week...definitely NOT professional art by a long stretch, but I amazed myself. I've never been able to draw much more than a stick figure...and now I've drawn something that actually looks like a person!! I did watch a few "how to" videos on to draw an eye, etc. For drawing, I used a regular #2 pencil and (did some shading) blended some of the lines with a blending stump.

First drawing

Second drawing

Third drawing
I will always be my own worse critic, I know.  Although these are definitely more than stick figures, they still didn't turn out real enough for me.  The first two, I was just one specific in mind.  The third drawing was done by looking at a photo of my niece, Sarah.  While it does resemble her (slightly), it still isn't "right".  For some reason, I always get the eyes too big...face too fat...and nose a little crooked!! LOL! Isn't there a saying about "practice makes perfect"?  Guess I need some more practice!

Who knew?!  So...I might just pursue this a bit further and see if there's any real talent to be found. I did enjoy piddling with the drawings,

Okay...I think that's all from me today.  Gotta get busy and get something done around here!  Thanks a bunch for stopping by!  Comments or critiques definitely welcomed...just be kind to this "budding" artist! LOL!

Until next time....

♥ Hugs! ♥

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Stamps and Paper said...

Well Susan if I could draw like that I would be over the moon, they are very good and you know what they say 'practice makes perfect', well done for having a go


Cheryl said...

oh wow hun these are amazing gosh how clever are you,brilliant art work hun hugs cherylxxxx

Meggymay said...

Wow. these are fabulous, you should be proud of yourself. Yvonne x

Bonnie said...

I'm impressed, Susan! I love the jaunty angle of the head on the third one. I can't wait to see what you come up with next!

Julie Howard said...

I thought the first one was you. Seriously... the girl in the drawing has your hair and everything. I can also see Sarah Liz in the 3rd one. Awesome work... anxious to see how progress.

Debgem said...

Susan - I would be so happy to draw like that!! I think the second and third drawings really are very good. I think you should be really pleased with what you've done! Looking forward to seeing more!


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