Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Happy Anniversary, Darnell & Mister!

I have an online friend, Darnell, which I sure many of you know and love.  We've never met in person, but I know that we would thoroughly enjoy spending time together.  Her blog posts are always entertaining and usually make me laugh...and I always need a laugh!  I was missing from blog land for a while and Darnell was quick to notice my absence and sent me an email to check up on sweet is that!  Thank you Darnell...for being you...we all need someone like you in our lives!  

Darnell and her Mister are celebrating their 42nd Anniversary...and another of our online friends, Ardyth has put together a little challenge for all of us to post our wedding prizes..just a lot of fun!'s to you and the Mister, Darnell...Happy Anniversary!

Now I must confess what I did when making this card.  I obviously don't read/comprehend some of what I read.  I had the card all ready for the mail, when I realized that I'd put 43!  Thank goodness I was able to peel the 3 off and replace it with a 2!  Just so you know, Darnell...if the 3 hadn't come off, I'd have just sent it to you next year! LOL! wedding photos.  I have been fortunate enough to be married to TWO wonderful men.  I was married the first time on July 19, 1970, when we were 19 years old.  We had three children together - two girls and our son who was born 7 months after his Daddy died. (My children's father was killed in an auto accident just a few days after our 8th anniversary.)

About three years later, on April 11, 1981,  I married my husband, Butch.  We will soon celebrate our 32nd anniversary.  What a wonderful man he is!  He gladly accepted my three children, and loves them as his own.  I have truly been blessed!

Here's a couple of photos from our wedding in 1981.  These three kids are all grown now with children of their own.  With our blended family, we have 5 children and 17 grandchildren!  We are a big family...but I LOVE it!

My life is proof that God has a plan for our might not have been my plan...but obviously, God knows what I need much better than I do!  

Thanks for stopping by...and again...Happy Anniversary, Darnell!! Until next time...


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Ardyth said...

First - LOVE the anniversary card - the red peeking out behind the white adds the perfect touch of colour and dimension. Thanks also for sharing your photos and some of your story - it's been wonderful to have the opportunity to get to know our blog-buddies a bit better today - I'm so glad you joined in all the fun!

Stamps and Paper said...

Fabulous anniversary card Susan and thanks for sharing you lovely photos with us


Aileen said...

A gorgeous card Susan. I love the lacey heart with the 42 on top. Lovely wedding photos too. x

Amy V. said...

What a beautiful card! I really enjoyed your post and your beautiful love stories. You are most certainly blessed!

Michelle said...

Susan, the card is absolutely beautiful! I love your story, and your photos! Your first wedding dress was almost identical to my Mum's dress. You look a bit Princess Di-ish in your second wedding. ;-)

Loll Thompson said...

Hi Susan. Gorgeous anniversary card for Darnell and Kevin. That sculpted heart is so beautiful and I love the double layering of red and white.

So funny about the 43 ... isn't it wonderful when the glue doesn't stick as well as we had hoped at the start?? I've done many a "repair" job to my cards.

Thanks for sharing your story and the pictures of both your weddings. Loll xx

Bonnie said...

The cutwork heart with red shadows! I'm glad you could get the 3 off! I've ruined many a card trying to get something off. Such wonderful wedding memories. What a beautiful bride you were both times.

Deborah Frings said...

The anniversary card is stunning - bold and beautiful, love the hint of red shadow behind the heart. Absolutely beautiful.

Thank you for sharing your wedding photos - they are just gorgeous!

Karen Bourke said...

Gorgeous card Susan - love the intricate heart with the red shadow. How lucky you spotted the mistake, and even luckier you managed to take it off! Great photos.

Karen x

Suze Bain said...

A fabulous card Susan and your wedding pics are so lovely. Thanks for sharing your story. Xx

Darnell J Knauss said...

First of all, Susan, I owe you a huge apology. You were absolutely right to put 43 b/c you prolly saw my blog right after I first posted it and in there, in three different places it was ME who put 43! Thankfully, Ardyth, who is not only my friend, she's my accountant (since me and Mister obviously sucked at math yesterday) and she pointed out the error quickly so I whooshed back in and corrected my post.

I didn't want you to think you weren't reading or comprehending! I'm so tickled that you were able to undo the three for a two. Now, the card.

WOWZA!! I love everything about it and I'm sure it's going to be a hit when I pin it to the special Pinterest board I set up. I absolutely love the red and white, so perfect for a love card. And you've managed to make it layered and intricate w/o making it overdone and foo-foo. I aspire!

Thank you for sharing your wedding stories. How like you to feel blessed in spite of what had to be an impossibly difficult time in your life when your first husband died, so young, and you so newly pregnant. I'm very happy that God brought Butch into your life and that you've had so many wonderful years and an awesome boatload of kids and grandkids, awesome!!

This has been overwhelming for me and I thank you for being so kind, saying such wonderful things, making us a special card, and FOR dedicating a whole post to us!

Mwah! Love you, Darnell

Darnell J Knauss said...

PS, Meant to say, too, that you looked beautiful in both sets of photos, Susan!

okienurse said...

Beautiful card! Love the wedding pictures. Thanks for sharing. Vickie

Vicky Hayes said...

What a wonderful dynamic card Susan - just right for our lively Darnell and her Mister! You have shared the story of your previous marriage before when showing some of your gorgeous scrapbook pages but it was lovely to see the photos. It must have been a terrible time for you when you lost your first husband - while pregnant too - but I am so pleased that Butch came along and that you have all made a happy life together.
Vicky x


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