Monday, November 6, 2017


I know.....I've been gone for 4 months!!! SO much has happened, I don't even know where to begin!  In a previous post, I mentioned that I'd purchased a new sewing machine....well, I decided that I wanted to make each of my children a quilt for Christmas.  I also have two (twins) great grandsons due in December (although they'll probably make their appearance within the next 3 weeks!).  I thought a quilt would be a great baby present too!  I'm crazy...right?! LOL!

I'll be back making cards now that I'm seeing the light at the end of the tunnel with the quilting! LOL!

So let me tell you a little about each quilt....

This first quilt is 48 x 60 inches and I absolutely LOVE these fabrics!  Super simple to piece...4.5 x 21" strips.  My machine quilting is probably not the "best" but it was made with love! This quilt is for Baby boy A

This second quilt is for Baby boy B.....same premise...just different fabrics.

This lavender/pink/grey quilt is for my middle daughter (She chose the colors she wanted)...half square triangles...LOTS of them.  This is a king size quilt and it was a labor of love quilting this on the machine! (we're talking regular machine...not a long arm machine!)

This patchwork quilt is for my oldest daughter.  I cut 5 inch squares and pieced them in strips.  The backing is a white on white print and the binding is the same fabric as the backing.  She requested a "patchwork" quilt.

This blue and white quilt is for my youngest son.  He and his wife requested shades of blue.  This one was very time consuming to piece...but SO worth the effort.  It is also (Super) king size.   This is my king size bed it is on....and you can see that it almost touches the's the same on the other side!

This quilt is for my mother in law...more the size of a twin quilt, but will be nice to cuddle up with. I LOVE this pattern and the red, black, and grey...and the way they pop with the white striping!  Hope she'll like it too!

This quilt is for my oldest son and his wife.  It's not as big as I had wanted to make it, but I ran out of fabric and didn't get back to the store to get more.  I'm loving the colors in this one...hope they like it too!

It seems that most of my family has birthdays close to November and December are busy months around here. My granddaughter Helen Grace has a birthday on November 28 (which is also my daughter's birthday!) She wanted a handbag, so I used scraps from the quilt I made for her parents and made her a small quilted handbag...then I monogrammed her initial on the front of it.

My granddaughter Maggie has a birthday on November 16...and she loves this is the bag I made for her.  I found this great batting called soft and stable...and it makes the bag stand up nicely.

I'm also working on some pillows that I plan to give to each of my grandchildren.  Many of you know that my husband (their grandpa) passed away several years ago, so I thought I would take some of his old t-shirts and make each of them a pillow.  I've got 3 made so far and still have 4 to go. (Although, I have 17 grandchildren, we decided years ago that once they turned 18, we would no longer give them Christmas or birthday presents...I do still send them a card on their birthdays)

I guess that sounds bad, but the truth is, when you have 5 children, 17 grandchildren, and a several great grandchildren, it get a bit expensive to buy gifts for everyone.  And let's face kids get older (18 and up) there is very little they want that I can afford! So....I'm hoping my handmade gifts will please everyone this year.

My stitching is not always "straight" and I haven't mastered free motion quilting, so I'll just let the recipients of the quilts know....the crooked stitching just adds character to the quilt!

None of the recipients of these quilts have seen their quilts...and I'm positive they never read my blog, so I think it's probably safe to reveal what's been keeping me busy!

I know I need to get back to my card making, but I've really been tied up with all this quilting!

That's all for me today....As always, thanks so much for stopping in.  I appreciate your visit...and I appreciate each and every comment!


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snapdragon said...

You have been a busy beaver! The quilts are great but I especially LOVE the blue one!
I think the recipients will really appreciate their gifts. I only have two things from each of my grandmothers, and they aren't personal and weren't picked for me, but I cherish them.

Charlotte said...

Wow Susan!
You did a lot of work over the past weeks! Love all of the quilts, especially the blue one! Before Vera was born, I planned to make her a quilt but too bad I don’t have a sewing machine nor the patience or time for such a project. Maybe one day I make her a king size quilt…
Love the idea of the pillows made out of old T-shirts, that’s really special!
All the best,

Daffodil Cards said...

OMG I'm out of breathe just reading what you have achieved and with such STUNNING results Susan, what wonderful heirlooms your family will have.

Darnell said...

Well, I think you're a magician, Susan! Even with your machine, you must have been working every waking minute on these beautiful creations to do so many in such a short time! They will all be loved and cherished long after you're gone and what a wonderful feeling that must be for you!! The handbags are so pretty, too! Lastly, what a treasured gift to make the kids pillows from Butch's t-shirts! I think that is such a cool idea!!

I think not giving kids over 18 gifts is simply sensible. Most kids just want cash after about age 10 now any way! How blessed you are to have such a huge family with all those young ones who keep coming to bring so much love! The new baby boys bring back memories of the twinks who were supposed to come on January 20th but came on December 21st instead - 13 years ago now!! I hope you post photos! Happy Thanksgiving Hugs, Darnell

The VineArt Cafe said...

all of your work is beautiful...but my favorite quilt is the blue one, just spectacular


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