Thursday, July 3, 2008

Busy, Busy, Busy

The month of June really flew by! I've been on the road with my job every week this month...and that's really tough! I find that working and traveling really cuts into my scrapping time!!! LOL!!! Then when I finally get home, I rush off to my scraproom and hibernate! Of course, this month I have done four layouts and two cards for My Creative Scrapbook that had to be completed by today....I have a Daisyd assignment that must be completed and mailed by Monday, I have two grandchildren with birthdays this month...gotta make cards....Just finished my layout for the Winter issue of Scrapbooking and Beyond.....I decided to participate in another circle journal....and I haven't even THOUGHT about that yet!!!! Yep! It has definitely been a busy month....oop...June is I've got to work on July stuff!!! DH had a birthday yesterday....I think he had a nice day. We went out to dinner with our son and DIL....Bonefish Grill...YUMMY!!! I did get a card made for his birthday....even though I didn't finish it until about ....oh......11:30 pm on July 1!!! Nothing like cutting it close!!! LOL! Thanks for stopping by....hope everyone has a great weekend...and for those who celebrate Independence Day (July 4)....Have a GREAT DAY!!!

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