Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I've Been Tagged by StacEy!

1. Two names you go by: Hmmmm...guess I need to keep it clean....Mama and Grandma (these ARE my major roles in life!) 2. Two things you are wearing right now: Cropped pants (which are a little snug...UGH!), black sandels, shirt ...and the usual assortment of undergarments.....Being specific here is probably not necessary..... LOL!!! 3. Two of your favorite things to do: Scrapbook (DUH) and I read constantly! (oh......and a "small" confession here...I am somewhat addicted to my Gameboy DS...cause it travels well!!! sh.....I don't share that often...cause most people think that "grandmas" are TOO old to play with handheld games!) 4. Two things you want very badly at the moment: TO BE HOME!!!!!! and to be THIN!!!!!!! Not loving my chunky fat body right now!!! 5. Two Pets that you have or have had: No pets now...OH wait!!! Does DH count????? NO???????? Well in that case... my last pet was a minature pom named Muffin and before that a toy poodle (for about 6 months) named Puddles (any guesses WHY????) Gave him AWAY!!! But before sweet little silver toy poodle....Teddy Bear...and he was a teddy bear! 6. Two things you did last night: Sat in my hotel room...all alone....feeling sad.....cause I don't even get a decent phone connection here!!!! Oh...and spent a little time leaving some love for my friends at My Creative Scrapbook... 7. Two things you did today: Spent the day at the Bank working....only because if I don't work, it cuts into my scrapbooking budget!!!!....then I spent 1.5 hours driving to and from the bank.......I'm SOOOOO ready to be HOME!!!! 8. Two things you ate today: Hamburger and fries (refer back to # 4.....wonder WHY I have a chunky body??????!!! LOL!) 9. Two people you last talked to: My DH, Butch, and my DS Matthew 10. Two things you're doing tomorrow: DUH! Working (again!!!) Hopefully, I'll finish up and HEAD HOME!!!!!! 11. Two memorable vacations: Please understand that memorable does not necessarily mean FUN......without going into a LOT of detail...the kids were teenagers....and the trip was long...but it became fondly referred to in our house as the "Vacation from Hell"!!! In fact....I'm pretty sure it was our last "family" vacation! LOL!!!! and......DH and I take trips to Sanibel Island off the west coast of FL about every other year...nothing really special....lots of quiet time.....nothing to do.....and ALL DAY LONG to do it!!! 12. Two favorite holidays: Christmas and Thanksgiving....mostly cause it's always been all about family!

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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Check this out!

Just wanted to share the layouts I designed with the fantastic kits from My Creative Scrapbook. I love the bright colors in the Leap just screams "SUMMER"!!! And I know it looks like Katie is walking on water...but trust me...she's NOT! LOL!!! I just somehow managed to capture Jacob, Adam and Katie in mid jump.....gotta be quick to catch a shot like that! Then in the Strike a Pose darling granddaughter, Helen Grace is just the cutest thing! (of course, I might be slightly biased! LOL!) I LOVE the photos of the three boys in Oh Say Can You See. This layout just kind of took on a life of it's own....and fell together in a snap...and these photos were soooo perfect with the title! In the All American Boy layout...that would be my handsome grandson, Adam...and yes...he most definitely is our All American Boy! Rough and tumble are words that definitely describe all three boys. Katie is at that in-between stage (age 9)...when she doesn't know if she wants to be a 9 year old or a 20 yr old and flucuates between the two...LOL!!! ....and then there's Helen Grace....why, she is just a girly-girl!!!
Thanks for stopping by....and I'd love to hear your comments!

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Sunday, July 6, 2008

DaisyDs New Chloe Marie Line

This new Chloe Marie Collection is just gorgeous! Here's a couple of cards I've done for DaisyD. The most difficult part of making these cards was chosing which piece of this beautiful paper I wanted to cut into! LOL!!! On the I Love You card, I added some swirls that I cut with my Quikutz 12" die....and pop dotted the flowers for a 3-D look. The scallops I cut with my corner should really try's super easy! On the Thank You card I pulled out some of my really OLD paper shaper scissors....victorian...and trimmed the bottom edge of the solid color and the patterned paper. The "thank you" is a stamp from Close to My Heart. The flower is one of the MANY die cuts available with the Chloe Marie line....all I did was add a few doodles and placed it on pop dots....I really enjoyed working with this collection...and can't wait to get a layout or two completed....
Thanks for stopping by....

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Thursday, July 3, 2008

Busy, Busy, Busy

The month of June really flew by! I've been on the road with my job every week this month...and that's really tough! I find that working and traveling really cuts into my scrapping time!!! LOL!!! Then when I finally get home, I rush off to my scraproom and hibernate! Of course, this month I have done four layouts and two cards for My Creative Scrapbook that had to be completed by today....I have a Daisyd assignment that must be completed and mailed by Monday, I have two grandchildren with birthdays this month...gotta make cards....Just finished my layout for the Winter issue of Scrapbooking and Beyond.....I decided to participate in another circle journal....and I haven't even THOUGHT about that yet!!!! Yep! It has definitely been a busy month....oop...June is I've got to work on July stuff!!! DH had a birthday yesterday....I think he had a nice day. We went out to dinner with our son and DIL....Bonefish Grill...YUMMY!!! I did get a card made for his birthday....even though I didn't finish it until about ....oh......11:30 pm on July 1!!! Nothing like cutting it close!!! LOL! Thanks for stopping by....hope everyone has a great weekend...and for those who celebrate Independence Day (July 4)....Have a GREAT DAY!!!

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