Tuesday, February 25, 2014

A Little Zen....tangle

Having surgery on my left hand has left me with few options for things that keep me busy.  I can ,however, do a little drawing (zentangle) because I am right handed, so I thought I'd share a little drawing that I recently finished.  The finished piece is about 5 inches tall and 11 inches long.

One of my nieces recently had a little girl and I made this for my great-niece.

I figured out my design in my Silhouette program and figured out where I needed to print her name and date of birth, then printed the information on a piece of 9x12 Bristol board.  I used my Silhouette Cameo to cut out the letters, then I traced them onto some Bristol board and added my tangles. I shaded my tangles with a pencil.  For a little pop of color, I die cut a heart about 4 times, then glued the layers together.  I colored the top heart with a red Copic, added a little clear wink of stella and then topped it off with some glossy accents.

I will be having this framed before I send it to her.

I still need to make a card...and I'm working on it, it's just a little slow without full use of both of my hands!

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Monday, February 17, 2014

Where Have I Been...You Ask? (And a FREE Silhouette Cut File!)

Once again I've been missing for a while....here's the reason why....

Early in January, I had a procedure on my left thumb called Zancolli Arthroplasty.  The procedure basically removes some disintegrated bone from between my thumb bones and my wrist bone and replaces the joint by moving one of the tendons in my wrist/hand between my thumb bones and my wrist bone so that I no longer have the pain of bone on bone when using my thumb.  OUCH!

It's been almost 6 weeks now and this is how my incision is looking....not bad.  I still have to complete some occupational therapy to regain the motion and strength in my thumb, hand, and wrist, but at least the worse part is over with! I had this same procedure on my right thumb four years ago and the time frame for complete mobility and healing is about 9 months!

Since my crafting has been restricted to what I can do with my right hand, I've been doing a little designing in my Silhouette program and I wanted to share it with everyone.  These cute little guys can be cut and pieced together or you can do what I did and make them into a print and cut by turning off the cut lines from areas that you just want to print.

These guys are about 4 inches tall, but it you group the pieces together for each robot, you will be able to re-size them to whatever size you want!

Get your free cut file here.  I've uploaded the file to my google docs, so I hope this works right! I haven't added any of my cut files before, but it this works and you want to see more, just let me know! I'm always happy to share.

Thanks so much for stopping by! Your comments and your visits are always appreciated!! Until next time...

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