Wednesday, April 29, 2009


I've had several people ask how to print journaling in a circle, so I thought I’d try to give you a short and hopefully, simple tutorial. I am working in Microsoft Word 2007, but I believe the same features are available in previous versions of Word. 1. In word, open a new document. 2. Click on insert – Word Art – then choose any of the examples shown. For my example I’ve chosen the last on the right – top row. 3. Once you have selected the “style” a new screen will pop up. This is where you will type your journaling and select your font and font size. I’ve used the default font and font size.
4. Click OK and the journaling will be placed in your document and looks like this:
5. In the WordArt Styles section there is an “A” with a drop down box on the right. Click on the down arrow and you will get a selection of styles to chose from. Click on the circle and then grab a corner of the box and drag out your circle. (You may have to play with this part in order to get a true circle) It helps if you have your rulers turned on so that you can see the size of the circle as you stretch out the circle.
6. This is what it will look like when you've selected the circle: Then grab the lower right corner box of the journaling frame and drag it out into a circle.
7. This is your completed “circle journaling” :
8. On this same Word Art format screen, click on: text wrapping - behind text. You’ll notice the little “anchor” on the upper left.
9. Once you have selected the “behind text” and have the little anchor in the upper left corner, those of you who are a little more industrious can add a second circle of journaling inside or outside this one. Here’s all you do. 10. Go back to step 2 and begin again. You will follow all of the same steps. Once you select behind text again, you can move the new circle inside/or outside the first circle.
11. To change the font color, you must select one circle at a time. There are two drop down selections in the WordArt Styles box. One has a pencil on it and the other a paint bucket. Set both to the same color and your journaling will be all one color. The pencil is the “outline” of the letter, and the bucket is the color of the letter.
So, I hope these are easy to follow. My apologies for the quality of my screen photos. I know they aren't the best, but I couldn't get a screen print of each step in my blog entry for some reason, so I resorted to taking a photo of each screen.
After you do it a time or two, it's really not that many steps. I was just trying to take photos of each thing that I did so that it would be (hopefully) a little easier to follow. If you have question, please let me know and I'll help any way I can. I've also saved this as a word document if you would like me to email it to you. Just let me know.
Be sure to let me know if you try it. I'd love to see your layout!

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Tuesday, April 28, 2009


This is a quick layout that I did a few weeks ago. I wanted to make sure we remembered this fun adventure. Doesn't the swing set look great? It was my idea to put a swing set up in the backyard for the grandchildren. You see, when they all came over to play, there was nothing to do at Grandma's house (except run circles around the pool!). None of the kids are allowed to go in the backyard without an adult, because of the pool. So, that's why I decided we needed a swing set. My husband and I have "discussed" this idea for a couple of years now. Guess who won?!? LOL!! One beautiful Saturday morning in March, I asked my son to go with me to Lowe's to look at swing sets. I thought they would probably cost somewhere in the neighborhood of $400. As you can see my this layout....I was WAY off!!! The checkout clerk at Lowe's graciously accepted my $985 and we headed home with the five BOXES of parts Once we got home with it, and opened a few boxes, I asked my son, " how long do you think it will take us to put this together?" He said, "I think we'll probably finish by 7:oo tonight." bwahahaha!!!! TEN THOUSAND pieces and 3 weeks later...we FINALLY got this (wonderful) swing set together! (I would also like to point out that the directions for this set comes in 4 or 5 different languages - including English - but in general, it was like reading GREEK to me! Plus, if you buy one of these, make SURE to throw away all languages by yours!!!!) I can't tell you how many times I tried to "read" the Spanish version! I was so anxious to see the kids playing on WHY didn't we think to get THREE swings??? I must admit, they really seem to enjoy climbing up to the "fort" on the rock wall, and sliding down the slide. They've even been trying to learn to swing themselves. Just last week, Allen and Jacob were headed out to the swing set, and I asked if they were going to the fort for a "powwow". Allen asked, "what is a powwow?". I explained it to him and he headed off to catch up with Jacob, yelling..."come on, Jacob! We're going to the fort and have a bow wow!" Cracked me up!!! Yep! It's a very entertaining toy...the kids love it...almost as much as they love running around the pool! Thanks for stopping by.... Hugs! Susan

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