Friday, January 15, 2010


I finally got my blog changed to a three column blog! Every time I've tried to change it, I ended up losing things and changing the formatting!!!

It's really the little things in know?

Well, hopefully this weekend will be the beginning of my office/scraproom remodel. My son and daughter have volunteered to come over to help me move ALL the stuff out (and that should take a while), then hopefully, tomorrow, the carpet will come up and the wood flooring will be going in! I can't wait!

The part I'm dreading is putting all the STUFF back in the room. I really need to decide what I want and get busy finding the tables/storage units that I'd like to have. I love the Ikea store, unfortunately, there isn't one anywhere close to me! ~sigh~ Now I'll have to try to be creative!

Wish me luck as we get started this weekend. I have a feeling it might be a while before I get any scrapping done. I'll try to post pics when I have the chance.

Thanks for stopping by! Until next time....

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