Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Happy New Year

What a wonderful time we've had this Christmas season! I love watching the grandchildren when their eyes light up with joy on Christmas! There's nothing like little ones to make Christmas even more magical.

We've had overnight company and some that just visited for a few hours during the day...but all of it was treasured time spent with family and friends.

This weekend we will ring in the new year with a little get together with more friends, and my daughter, Kimberly and her family will be visiting (and bringing Katie, Adam and my newest granddaughter, Maggie Elizabeth). It'll be a full house again this weekend and I can't wait!

From my house to yours...I hope the new year brings you great health, happiness, and prosperity! Here's to a FABULOUS 2010!!

Until next time...Hugs!

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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Christmas 2009

We finally got the tree up last night. Don't know if all the other Christmas decorations will make it out this year, but the tree is done.
Here's a few photos that I took after we were finished. Jacob was my little helper. He thought climbing the ladder was what he needed to do, but we finally convinced him that his Grandpa would be hanging the ornaments at the top of the tree.
I still don't have my lighting right, but I'm always ready to practice. This is my daughter with Jacob. Not sure why they look grainy to me...hmmmm...need to get the book out and read a bit more about photography.
I love this shot. Jacob was so intent on staightening the ornaments that he didn't notice I was taking his photo.
This one is cute because he was looking at his reflection in one of the ornaments and making faces at himself! LOL!
Just need to move this one just a little bit more.....
Ahhhhh...the tree is finished. Let's just sit here for a minute and look at all the pretty lights and ornaments.

Thanks so much for stopping by. My wish for you this season is that you will have a joyous and peace-filled Christmas with your family and friends. I know my family will spend time together at Christmas, and I hope you get to spend time with your family too.

Merry Christmas!


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Friday, December 4, 2009

Time for Photography Practice

As usual, last weekend was jam-packed with activities! We had some of the kids over for dinner Saturday, and then on Sunday, we had a visit from our dear friends, Tim and Terri with their beautiful kids! The skies were clear, there was a nip of fall in the air, and the lighting was perfect for some outdoor photos.

Jacob loves to pose for the camera. It's amazing how fast the kids grow!

Traci and Jacob just clowning around. I love it when I get a funny-face photo!

Allen and Helen Grace peeking out of the window of the "fort" on the gym-set.

My son, Matthew, and his wife, Nichole, and of course, my beautiful little grandchildren, Allen and Helen Grace.

Matthew took this photo of Butch and me. I must admit . . . this is me. I just can't understand why I looks so OLD in pictures! I never look that old when I'm looking in the mirror. Come to think of it, I don't look this heavy in the mirror either...hmmmmm...maybe I should send my camera back and get a new "youthful" lens since it seems that mine is malfunctioning! LOL!!

Then I took some pictures of Tim and his family. They are such a photogenic family...and why wouldn't they be? Tim is one of the best photographers that I know! Whenever we get together, I follow him around with my camera, just hoping that I can absorb some of his awesome photography skills!

I had so much fun on Sunday! After we finished taking photos, we visited for a while, then headed off to Cici's pizza. Excellent day...good memories!

Thanks for stopping by...and until next time...


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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Trying one of Pammy's Templates

Here's a new layout that I just completed with some photos I took right before Thanksgiving. As a contributing artist for Ideas for Scrapbookers, I wanted to use one of Pammy's templates and this leaf template was perfect with these pictures of Katie and Adam.

The large leaf is part of the template and I used it for a pattern to print my journaling on. The smaller leaves were punched with a large leaf punch. I actually "made" the paper that the leaves are punched from with several different color inks and the Tim Holtz sponge applicator (this is the applicator with the felt pads, but I used the foam pad attachments).

I have posted the mini-tutorial with instructions on how to make the small leaves at Ideas for Scrapbookers. Take a minute to stop by Ideas for Scrapbookers and check out our awesome tutorials, templates, and layouts. We often have guest contributors and sometimes you'll find that you can win a RAK! Fun stuff...All the time!

Thanks so much for stopping by...and until next time...


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